Transformation & Rebalancing Experience

"Our Transformation & Rebalancing Retreat Experiences, are carefully designed to regenerate body & Mind."

Transformation & Rebalancing

Our Retreat Experience offers a transformative journey to your pure core. It is specifically designed to inspire you and help you achieve complete physical and emotional balance.

During this journey, you can immerse yourself in an environment that inspires you to explore and understand the deeper layers of yourself. The goal is to help you create the fine and positive life we all long for on a deeper level.

Our Retreat Experience offers various tools and techniques to guide you through this process. In addition, we employ meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, mindfulness and other healing practices that support the process. By opening yourself up and connecting with your inner core, you can come into a deeper connection with yourself and others.

This retreat experience is authentic and unique to each Spirit of Soul participant. We offer a safe and warm environment in which you can grow and discover your potential. By giving yourself this space to explore and transform, you can create a new life immediately following your journey that is in alignment with your true desires and needs.

If you are looking for an effective and life-changing experience that stimulates your inner growth and allows you to get in touch with your pure core, then this Retreat Experience may be a valuable option for you on your path.

It allows you to rebalance and live a life in alignment with your deeper desires.

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Our inspiring programs and retreats are a unique opportunity for inner development, growth, recovery, clearing old ballast and regaining your enjoyment of life.



Our special locations are in Spain, France, Italy, Holland and Switzerland and are found specifically to hold our transformational retreats with other like-minded people.



The Ubuntu Treat Home is an ultimate and beautiful retreat location that is rentable and where you as a facilitator can conduct your own designed retreats, workshops and trainings.


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Back to nature... Back to life... Back to yourself....

That is the mission and essence of Spirit of Soul. We believe in supporting individuals on a transformative journey, allowing you to regain unparalleled freedom, harmony, renewed energy and joy in life.

Our retreats are carefully tailored for those who value personal growth and are willing to invest in themselves. Each experience is engaging, unique and full of adventure. We enjoy guiding our Spirits on their individual paths.

Whether you are immersing yourself in the serene beauty of nature, reconnecting with your inner self or rediscovering the essence of life, our retreats offer an extraordinary opportunity for self-discovery, growth and rejuvenation.

Join us as we embark on a journey. become inspired and align with your true self. Let Spirit of Soul take you on an unforgettable adventure as you reconnect with nature, life and ultimately yourself.

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Tools and Elements By Spirit of Soul

Transformation + Rebalancing = Personal Growth


We create peace and space for you to come into your own energy and power and let you make new choices from intuition,
. You stand consciously in life and expand your perspective on situations and experiences,
allowing you to keep your focus on what is really important.


You get in touch with your authentic core. You bring back balance between your "Mind" and your "Heart" your thinking and feeling.
You experience a positive self-image and are receptive to give and receive this in the right proportions.
Soon you experience again that life is a magical journey and you can enjoy the moment itself. 


"At the end" of this journey, during and after, you experience intense joy,
freedom and connection and the uninhibited child and love for yourself returns.
We let you experience the path to full "Flow" and how to get from here to a deeper essence.
Old pieces that no longer serve you will be released, clearing blockages, fears, loss, patterns and beliefs
in order to feel open and free again. 

"Those who embrace the past can see future again in the present"

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