Love Light Experience Couples

Love Light Experience Couples

Transformation & Rebalancing Retreat Experience:

When did you or did you last go away together, go on vacation, eat out, really get back to old-fashioned "together" like on your first meeting?

How about really spending a week together without your kids, your work, your busy lives and all the hecticness of the world around you? A week of really enjoying each other, laughing, crying, having fun and reconnecting together.

A total week of relaxation, adventure, delicious food, a fun party, supping, boating, enjoying the sunrise or sunset, romantic trips, shopping together and dreaming away under our amazing starry sky here in Ibiza....

We invite you to come relax together for a week in our "Ubuntu Treat Home" and we will pamper you here from a to z, but with the necessary space and freedom to feel right at home with each other.

We offer an ultimate and loving week, to let you go back with a huge love boost that will bring your relationship a huge change and that you can enjoy for a very long time after. Give each other this beautiful week as a gift with the outcome:

Really being together, Connecting with each other, enjoying each other, understanding each other, making new plans together for your future, returning relaxed, Intimacy and your life and love Chart is crisp and clear.

From our own experience, we know better than anyone else, that once you get into that healthy "Flow" a lot of energy and joy of life is released. This enables you to take on your life 100% again. With the knowledge of now, but with all the new insights, tools, handles and broken patterns you will never dare to dream of getting to where you are after this.

From this 8 day "Love Light Experience" you can, from love, relaxation, peace, harmony and space, focus your attention on what is really important to you at this moment.

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Freedom, Connection, Deepening:

A complete and effective "Journey" where you can begin to manifest yourselves within Spirit of Soul in a safe, playful and authentic way in all areas of your lives.

Because we believe that everyone at some point longs for a new direction, challenge, adventure, more depth and for the next phase of your life to grow to the next level in your consciousness together, whether you want to continue to deepen, adjust your lifestyle, find balance or your life deserves a total reset by choosing a new beginning.

What we can mean, develop, facilitate, organize or offer for you in this area, we tailor today to our current findings, your lives, everyone's different wishes and expectations, your living situation and the enormous need that everyone is so longing for today; Love, Freedom, Connection and Deepening.

We will take you out of your comfort zone, releasing you completely from all the daily noise, energy and turmoil and allowing you to return to your true essence.

Of course you do not have to do this alone, but together with your partner and our loving and professional team, an optimal mix of special elements, a whole new world opens up to you in a relatively short period of time.

Our goal, combined with a very clear mission why we love to do this, is to enable and empower you as man and woman, young or older to embrace, live and fulfill life for the full 100%. From our own experience we know better than anyone, that when you are back in that healthy "Flow" together a lot of energy and joy of life is released. This enables you to live your life 100% together again.

With the knowledge of now, but with all the new insights, tools, handles and broken patterns you will never dare to dream, to get to where you will be next. You can't really feel anything until you also know how, so when the time comes, take a good look at your relationship and don't wait any longer than necessary, because the sooner you start this process, the sooner you will be able to shape a richer life again.

Opportunities Love Light Experience:

  • Feeling your emotions and getting in touch with your body;
  • Making you aware of patterns, passions and desires;
  • Creating your life from an inner source of; self-confidence, energy and joy in life;
  • Ensuring your sense of authenticity and freedom;
  • To experience passion, enthusiasm and zest for life;
  • Dare to set your own boundaries;
  • Intensely enjoy your lives.


Intent Love Light Experience:

  • Let go of everything for a moment to come to new insights;
  • Taking time for you;
  • To be unburdened and meanwhile be able to work on yourself in surprising ways and go deeper;
  • Getting a push to really take those steps in your life now;
  • Be open to knowing and rediscovering yourselves;
  • To go discover that the impossible, yet seems to be possible;
  • Gain more depth and awareness in life;
  • To discover that more energy leads to more joy and quality of life;
  • Just want to take an inspiring personal journey together;
  • Eager to meet new and equal couples;
  • Find a healthy balance mentally and physically;
  • To live in the moment itself;
  • To choose you and your own desires;
  • Wanting to move forward effectively and quickly in your life.

Soul Travel After-Traject:

Our strength lies in guaranteeing our own authenticity in offering and developing our retreats. We know that in the current time there is a lot on offer in this area and we do not want to be a uniformity, but rather to remain unique in what we do and what we radiate.

This means that from A to Z we give you an experience that is effective and has a lot of impact. By the end of such a week you sometimes simply do not want to go back to your old life and prefer to stay here for a while surrounded by nice like-minded "Spirits" and the nice safe setting and energy together.

But we have also thought of something for that at "Spirit of Soul." We believe that after such a retreat we cannot just leave you to your fate. Because this intensive week demands a lot from you and also deserves a good and professional aftercare, we offer you the right support and integration afterwards to integrate the transformation process well into your life.

Therefore, we have chosen to enable every "Spirit" to participate in our 12-week "Soul Travel Na-trajectory". This is meant to allow you to step in together immediately upon returning home, to integrate everything in a nice way and to start working with your desires to actually start realizing them. All this with our support from our team and that of your fellow spirits.

Spirit of Soul Reunion:

To get a "Finishing Touch" after this process and to stay in touch with other spirits, we conclude this process with an inspiring closing weekend or "Love Circle Reunion Event" at the end of the year. Together we look back on your personal development and growth, your steps made, your choices, your plans, your goals and your realized desires. All in all a very nice weekend to connect the dots for yourself, to get that final push or simply to be together with a lot of beautiful spirits.

SOS Community:

As icing on the cake, all "Spirits" who feel this need can join the "Ubuntu Community". This was created specifically to stay in touch with each other after this and continue to maintain the necessary nourishment in the areas of personal development, spiritual growth, deepening and experiencing the joy of creating new friendships for life.